Our Pledge for Our Future Together

Future Acceptance's pledge is to provide all available credit facilities offered for the Ontario green energy program from European and North American lenders.
No other company offers such a complete and all encompassing financial program. Through our international ties we will bring to you the most up to date and current credit opportunities for the Ontario green energy industry.

We are Canada’s Green Energy Finance Centre

We have relationships with international and all domestic banks including the Business Development Bank of Canada, Farm Credit and the CFDC's, credit unions and leasing companies, limited partnerships and pension funds.

Here are today’s current best, best terms available for Micro-Fit and Fit Programs:

  • 15, 10, and 5 year locked in interest rate!
  • 25 year amortization/limited guarantee
  • Off balance sheet lending
  • Chattel the equipment as security
  • Construction loans can be arranged
Our pledge is to update you as Future programs are developed.

Generate Power = Generate Income

Turn generated green energy, from renewable resources such as sun and wind, into income! Become part of Ontario’s green energy movement, make money doing it and at the same time contribute to a cleaner environment for you and future generations to come.
The “FIT” program, or “Feed-in-Tariff”, offered by the Ontario Power Authority, is one of the most generous in North America and as a result has generated positive interest by investors.
The Micro-FIT program is being offered to homeowners, farmers, or small business owners providing you with an opportunity to develop a “micro” renewable energy generation project on your property, 10 kilowatts or less in size, in return producing an income with a guaranteed price for all the electricity your project produces for at least 20 years.
Climate change concerns and increasing government support are the driving factors
to increase renewable energy legislation and incentives.

At Future Acceptance we are proud to be a part of your future,
to share these values for a cleaner future and to offer you
complete and all encompassing financial programs.

Together, we can help save the planet.

It's Your Future!

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