"At a time when the success of our organization had left us in need of access to financial services due to increasing client need, we were fortunate enough to be introduced to Peter Duffus and his Future Acceptance Team. The product offerings that they offer can provide much needed support to a business client. In our dealings, Peter has proven himself to be an avid supporter of Canadian small business and an innovator in providing financial solutions. With his Team, Peter can provide support to any level of business opportunity, whether it be local or international, through the collaborative effort of one of the best financial teams in Canada. I encourage to have a conversation with Peter and see for yourself the support that he offers.

Graham "

"Thanks again for you honesty. Your advice is very much appreciated as well. If you don't mind, I will keep in touch with you periodically to let you know how I am doing, and if you have advice to offer, I really respect and value your insight. ;o) Thanks again Peter,


"It is often difficult for someone just getting into the business world to know where to begin. When we began looking for funding we were fortunate to be referred to Peter Duffus. Not only did he prove himself capable and efficient in finding the necessary financial backing, his advice and knowledge of the business world has been a continued windfall for us as we work to develop our place in the market. His calm demeanour, sense of humour, and wealth of experience kept us calm and focused as we worked to get what we needed to start our company. We look forward to building on our continuing relationship with him as a trusted advisor as our business grows.

Jason "